Who never dreamed of playing with a friendly elephant? If you were not lucky to meet a real one, craft this cute animal yourself! This easy-to-fold origami elephant can be made even by kids. It’s not only one of the sweetest species but also a symbol of wealth and abundance, which will make a great souvenir for your dear ones.

It only requires a few simple paper folding steps, and at the end, you can color the figure and draw small details. Turn your fantasy on and use a paper of bright colors to create something unique! Follow the instructions below and enjoy the result.

Step 1

Start with a square sheet of paper with sides of 15 cm, you can use colored sheets of paper.

Step 2

Fold it in half (fold in the center of the sheet as in the photo) and unfold it again.

Step 3

Now fold it from right to left and open it back up.

Step 4

Now you will fold the top left corner at an angle to match the center fold.

Step 5

Fold the paper in half — bring the top edge down so it meets the bottom edge.

Step 6

Now fold the left side so that it meets the center fold.

Step 7

Unfold the fold you just made.

Step 8

Make the fold in the shape of a squash.

Step 9

Okay, the elegant figure is ready, and you can draw the eyes.

Another figurine for your paper “zoo”.

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