Using the origami technique, you can fold different paper boats. From very simple ones that only take a few minutes to create to gigantic structures.

Step 1

Take a rectangular sheet of paper of any size. If it is one-sided, lay it with the colored side up.

Step 2

Bend the rectangle in half across.

Step 3

Make a small crease in the center of the fold. This is only needed to mark the middle.

Step 4

Fold the right and left corners, guiding them so that they meet at the center.

Step 5

Fold up a strip of paper under the formed triangle.

Step 6

Do the same on the other side.

Step 7

If you leave the figure as it is, then straighten it a little and you will get a hat. However, we will continue our way to the boat.

Step 8

Bring opposite corners together and align the square by pressing down on the figure.

Step 9

Bend up the bottom and top corners, as shown in the photo.

Step 10

It should be a triangle.

Step 11

Now, connect the opposite corners together once again and flatten the square, as in step 8.

Step 12

This is the most difficult step. Gently pull the right and left sides of the square to the sides, forming the sides of the boat.

Step 13
Step 14

Spread the sail. Voila, you can sail!

If you waterproof the bottom of the boat or fold it using glossy paper, it will last longer!

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