Cats are attractive, mysterious, and graceful. Fluffy pets become a source of inspiration in various types of art and convey not only the beauty of appearance but also character. The pose of an animal can express habits and mood.

The cat according to the proposed pattern will surprise you with its appearance. It looks as if it is getting to know you, tilting its head slightly to the side. There is calm confidence and independence in its posture. It enjoys the moment of getting to know each other. The figurine is made from one sheet of paper. The work process will be very exciting. It will bring new experience and improve your skills.

Step 1

Place the square sheet of paper with the wrong side facing you. Draw lines by alternately folding opposite corners.

Step 2

Turn the sheet of paper at an angle. Bend the bottom side to the marked line.

Step 3

Bend the right corner of the square along the base line of the triangle.

Step 4

Bend the corners of the square, aligning it with the sides of the triangle from the previous Step.

Step 5

Bend the free corner of the square symmetrically to the opposite corner.

Step 6

Spread the side corners of the shape to the sides. Bend the right side to the point where the lines intersect, first the top edge and then the bottom edge.

Step 7

Crease part of the fold line.

Step 8

Press the shape along the sides of the horizontal center line. Make a fold.

Step 9

Bend the protruding part of the fold in half.

Step 10

Press the middle towards the center.

Step 11

Turn the figure over. Straighten the sides of the rhombus to create two symmetrical triangles with identical bases.

Step 12

Bend the lower corners of the resulting triangles upward.

Step 13

Bend the figure towards you along the line connecting the opposite obtuse angles. Turn over.

Step 14

Remove layers of horizontal folds.

Step 15

Bend the upper corners of the shape alternately along a horizontal line.

Step 16

Open back.

Step 17

Draw assisting lines in the center of the rhombus, as in the example.

Step 18

Simultaneously close the entire shape along the center line and bend the diamond, bringing together a fold in the middle.

Step 19

Straighten the middle fold in the opposite direction.

Step 20

Tuck some of the side folds inward along the assisting lines. Do it on both sides.

Step 21

Direct the edges of the shape inward along an inclined line.

Step 22

Fold the protruding triangle in half.

Step 23

Place it between the sides of the main figure.

Step 24

At this step, you can decide in which direction the cat’s face will be turned. It will be on the other side of the sharp triangle protruding above the folds. Bend the obtuse angle of the folds toward you.

Step 25

Fold the top layer of paper along the side of the small triangle. At the same time, straighten the inner fold, pressing the middle.

Step 26

Bend the sides towards the center line.

Step 27

Bend it back, making a fold.

Step 28

Tuck the inner corners of the ears under the layer of folds on both sides.

Step 29

Bend the bottom corner of the small square up. Bend the very tip of the corner down.

Step 30

The cat figure is ready. All that remains is to draw the details.

You can experiment with details. For a cat, you can choose paper with an interesting texture and suitable color. You can draw stripes or spots on it in advance. We wish you creative ideas and inspiration!

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