Beautiful kitten in origami technique is ideal for spending leisure time with children. If you are fond of the technique of making figures from paper, try to master this unusual kitten. For Creating this animal, it will be necessary to make two parts – the head and the body. But to do this is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you will definitely succeed!

Step 1

Prepare a square sheet of paper – size 15×15 cm. Fold diagonally, press the fold line well with your fingers, and unfold. Repeat the same with the second diagonal.

Step 2

The corner at the top should be bent to the center point of the figure.

Step 3

Bend the same tip along the center fold line. Look at the photo.

Step 4

The right tip of the figure should be bent to the bottom corner.

Step 5

Do the same with the left side. Bend the left corner to the bottom corner – you will get this figure.

Step 6

Bend the right and left ends upwards to form ears.

Step 7

Bend the upper tip of the figure downwards – you will get a head blank.

Step 8

Turn the figure over.

Step 9

Bend the lower end upwards, as in the photo.

Step 10

Bend the bottom corner to make a nose. The cat’s face is ready.

Step 11

Make a body for the cat. To do this, take a second sheet of paper with a square shape of 15×15 cm. Fold one side diagonally. Unfold it.

Step 12

Fold both sides to the center fold.

Step 13

Fold the resulting shape in half.

Step 14

Turn the figure horizontally.

Step 15

Make a tail. To do this you need to make a fold as on the photo.

Step 16

Make another fold (see photo).

Step 17

Unfold and work with the two folds.

Step 18

You need to move the right end to the left and press it well as on the photo.

Step 19
Step 20

The next step is to fold the tail and lift it up.

Step 21
Step 22

We have got the body of the cat. But first, we need to bend the tail one more time.

Step 23

That’s it! Now you only have to attach together the body and head of the cat, and if you want, draw a kitten’s face.

Step 24

This is such a charming friend we got!

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