Who doesn’t like cute puppies?! They are the depiction of cuteness, friendliness, and playfulness. Hence, there is no surprise, that dogs and puppies are one of the most popular figures, people want to learn crafting in the origami technique. They might be bitten only by fluffy kittens.

Below we are sharing with you one of the schemes of such origami, the Dog Face. According to the name, you will not have to fold the body of the puppy, and this means, that the difficulty level of this figure is quite low. Make it with your kids!

This is a very simple and fast origami that even a beginner can do. To create a cute muzzle, take colored paper – red, brown, black, white, or gray. You will also need a black marker or pen to draw the eyes and nose. All right, let’s start!

Step 1

Cut out a square from paper – 15×15 cm or any other size convenient for you.

Step 2

Bend it down in half away from you.

Step 3

Fold the resulting triangle in half and straighten.

Step 4

Bend the two upper corners, as shown in the photo, towards you. These are the future ears.

Step 5

Bend the top and bottom corners away from you to “hide” them on the wrong side of the figure.

Step 6

Draw the eyes, nose, mouth, and mustache. It turned out to be a funny puppy!

Now, you have learned how to fold interesting origami with your own hands. You can use this craft for applique or arrange a real master class for friends and compete in assembly speed. Try it!

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