Origami Modular 5-Petal Flower

Flowers are something that pleases us at any moment of our lives. But sometimes even live flowers get boring and you want something new. In this case, the art of origami has prepared for us dozens of coolest schemes for creating flowers from paper. One of them we will share with you today. And this is not a simple flower, but a modular figure consisting of five elements, which gives it additional volume. This origami model is called the Tomoko Fuse flower, after the name of its creator.

Step 1

Take a 10 x 10 cm square piece of paper. You can choose any color of paper (either origami paper or regular colored paper), but if your paper is colored or has a pattern, place your sheet with the pattern facing down. You can also use a larger square to make up big colorful flowers, but we recommend starting with a 10 x 10 cm sheet.
Fold the paper in half along the vertical axis. Iron the fold line, and then unfold and straighten your sheet.

Step 2

Fold the top corners towards the center axis, and then unfold the folds and flatten the sheet without mashing the fold lines.

Step 3

Now fold the two top corners so that they match the diagonal fold lines obtained after going through Step 2.

Step 4
Step 5

The two top corners should again be folded to the center axis.

Step 6

Now you need to fold the two sides of the sheet so that you get the center fold.

Step 7
Step 8

Fold the bottom right corner of your piece towards the left edge.

Step 9
Step 10

Now you should go back a couple of steps and unfold your paper to the point where you started in Step 6.

Step 11
Step 12

Repeat the diagonal folds from the photos shown.

Step 13

Now, similar to the photo below, make a “valley” fold, and compose the top layer of your piece.

Step 14

Gently but confidently iron the fold lines and edges of your piece.

Step 15
Step 16
Step 17
Step 18

Fold the left side of your product to the center. Carefully iron the fold line, pressing one piece against the other.

Step 19
Step 20

Make a “mountain” fold by folding your sheet in half. Then, unfold it well.

Step 21

Repeat the diagonal fold shown in the photo below.

Step 22

Make sure all sides are folded correctly and all folds are carefully ironed.

Step 23

Now repeat the valley fold as shown in the photo.

Step 24
Step 25

And there, we’ve already got the first petal!

Step 26

To make the flower, repeat all steps and make a total of 5 petals.

Step 27
Step 28

After endless repetitions, you’re finally at your goal! You have a three-dimensional modular origami flower with 5 petals!

We used multicolored paper, but here it all depends on your imagination, so you can use any shades and patterns for your flowers. In our opinion, this origami is one of those types of art, where you can safely experiment with prints and colors.

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