Origami Pikachu

This beautiful paper figure is sure to please Pokemon fans!

In order not to suffer with coloring later, we recommend that you immediately choose yellow paper.

Prepare the base. It should be the same as in the case of the “inflatable rabbit” figure (steps 1 to 10). For the “rabbit”, in turn, we first make a base for the origami “water bomb”.

Step 1

All photos to step number 1 show the process of making the base. The last photo for this step shows the base version for Pikachu.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
Step 11

Turn the paper over to the other side, so that all seams and folds are down.

Step 12

Fold both side corners inward, so that they are evenly adjacent to each other in the center. The result should be an even rhombus.

Step 13
Step 14

Fold the right and left tips into the center so that their tops meet in the center of the figure. Pay attention to the dotted line as in the next step, you will need to make folds along these lines.

Step 15

Fold both upper corners down and out as shown in the photo above (along the dotted line). These are the future ears of Pikachu. You can shade their tips with black at this point. To do this, first put something hard under your ears.

Step 16

Slightly straighten and inflate the figure, so that it acquires the desired volume. The inflation point is located at the bottom (red arrow in the photo).

Step 17
Step 18

Draw a Pikachu face and shade the tips of the ears with black (if you have not done this before). This is it! This cute origami is now complete!

Step 19
Step 20

Such a figurine will be a great addition to your origami collection and will bring freshness and originality to it.

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