Welcome to FirstOrigami.Net. On this site you will learn how to make origami with your own hands.
Origami allows you to develop logical thinking, mathematical abilities, reasoning skills, spatial thinking, and the search for non-standard strategies for solving problems. But we also love origami because this type of art is accessible to absolutely everyone, because the only working material in origami is paper. Paper is the most accessible and cheapest material for creativity.

Our names are Aleksei and Irina, we work in the IT field, but we have a very interesting hobby. My wife and I have been doing origami for more than two years. Together we have collected more than 500 different interesting and not so interesting crafts, which we publish on the website or on our YouTube channel. We constantly update and complement our crafts.

We prohibit the publication of our photographs or parts thereof without our consent and an active link to the site.

Aleksei Titov

If you are interested in learning more about us, write to me on Instagram or email.
Thank you!