Welcome to FirstOrigami.Net. On this site, you will learn how to make origami with your own hands. The site presents schemes of classic and modular origami. Just choose a section you are interested in or use the search engine and collect various figures from paper!

The FirstOrigami website is fully dedicated to Origami, a very special kind of art. In Japanese, “origami” means “folded paper” In the Land of the Rising Sun art of origami is called the art of the whole leaf. This is one of the most important rules of origami – do not add or subtract anything unnecessary.

Origami appeared almost immediately after the advent of paper in Japan. It was the Japanese, not the discoverers of new writing material – the Chinese, who guessed to use paper as the raw material for decorative ornaments and products. Together with the spread of prescription paper manufacturing spread and the art of origami.

According to Japanese tradition, the paper models are valued not so much as realism in the transfer of forms of birds, animals, or flowers but as a sense of the spirit inherent in a particular creature of nature. This feeling was conveyed with just a few folds on a sheet of paper.

Today the art of origami is popular around the world. The secret of its popularity is that there were many directions, where the technique of origami can be applied to.

  • In mathematics. Thanks to this technique opened up many options for solving problems in geometry.
  • In architecture and construction. Using the technique of origami for the design of three-dimensional polyhedral structures.
  • In pedagogy. Origami is an excellent way to develop fine motor skills and intelligence in children.
  • In psychology. Origami art is one of the directions of art therapy, which is helping the patient through different forms of art.

And for most fans of origami – it is a wonderful opportunity to realize their creative ideas. We have created FirtsOrigami for everyone interested in this art. The schemes of figures, provided on our website, will be easy to follow by people with different experiences in origami.

For your convenience, all the schemes are divided into categories. On FirstOrigami you will find how to make figures of birds and animals, flowers, or toys. There is also a special section with Easy Origami schemes, where you can practice with your kids and introduce them to this ancient art.

Origami allows you to develop logical thinking, mathematical abilities, reasoning skills, spatial thinking, and looking for non-standard strategies for solving problems. But we love origami also because this kind of art is available to absolutely everyone because the only working material in origami is paper. Paper – the most accessible and cheapest material for creativity.

With our instructions and schemes of origami, you can try your hand at the ancient Japanese art of folding paper figures, which over time has become a true symbol of Japanese culture and one of the most popular entertainments in the world.

FirstOrigami is a place, where the base of schemes and instructions is constantly updated. We research the topic and try to provide our visitors with the most interesting materials and easy schemes for the most beautiful paper figures.

If you have never tried to make origami figures, we highly recommend it, and most likely you will love Origami as much as we do. Classes in origami help to tune in to a positive, life-affirming outlook on the world. Origami does not require any special equipment, equipped in a workplace. Therefore, everyone can fold origami figures anywhere, in any situation.