Best Paper Airplane Models

In 1989 Andy Chipling founded the Paper Airplane Association and in 2006 the first paper airplane championship was held. Competitions are held in three disciplines: longest distance, longest planning, and aerobatics. Numerous attempts to increase the time a paper airplane stays in the air from time to time led to the breaking of new barriers in this sport.

Ken Blackburn held the world record for 13 years (1983-1996) and regained it on October 8, 1998, by throwing a paper airplane indoors so that it stayed in the air for 27.6 seconds. This result was confirmed by Guinness World Records and CNN reporters. The paper airplane used by Blackburn can be categorized as a glider.

This article will show you how to create the coolest paper airplanes for different purposes, from flight duration to beautiful decoration. Follow the instructions and set your records!

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Flight Distance


Best Paper Airplane in terms of Flight Distance

Having conducted numerous studies and experiments, we have concluded that the most stable positive results in terms of distance among paper airplanes are shown by the Bird model. The secret of the success of this model is the large surface of its wings, which resemble the wings of a bird, hence the name.

The width of the wings of the airplane Bird allows it to plan in the air for as long as possible, the main thing is to launch it correctly. This airplane is best thrown upwards at an acute angle with quite a lot of effort, then the result will be even better.

Following the instructions on our site, you can easily make a bird airplane with your own hands in 10 minutes. This model is not the most difficult to make but still has its nuances, so try to follow each step as closely as possible and constantly check with the photo.

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Flight Time

Stealth Glider

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Flight Time

In terms of length of time in the air, our favorite is the Stealth Glider model. It is a paper airplane glider with a very large wing, not particularly inferior in size to the Bird model. For your airplane to stay in the air for as long as possible, you should launch it in the doldrums, i.e. when there is no wind at all. The wide wings of a Stealth Glider can keep it in the air for up to 6 seconds, while the average time for any other airplane is about 2 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it?

Following the instructions on our website, you can very quickly master Stealth Glider with your own hands, but pay attention to the small details, especially on the wings, because it is from them that the success of the event will depend. It is also important to note that this model airplane should be launched upwards as much as possible. It will level itself in the air and take a horizontal position.

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Flight Speed

Sonic Jet

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Flight Speed

In the category of the Fastest Paper Airplane, our winner is unquestionably Sonic Jet. This model has many names: “rocket”, “arrow”, “dart”, “spear” and so on. This comes from the fact that the model flies straight like a rocket or a thrown spear. The secret to this airplane’s speed is in its pointed Nose and tightly spaced wings, which can even be further taped together with duct tape.

On our website you will find detailed step-by-step instructions for making Sonic Jet, but keep in mind – this is not the easiest model, and it will require all your skills in the art of origami. However, you will definitely be pleased with the result, because this plane can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour!

Best Paper Airplane for Teaching

Basic Dart


This way of making a paper airplane is quite simple, and with this design, it also stays in the air for a long time. The length of its flight will delight both you and your child. Basic Dart is ideal for teaching your child how to build airplanes. On our website, you will find detailed instructions and you can see for yourself how easy it is to make this model.

Another plus of Basic Dart is that small errors in its making will not affect the quality of its flight much, which means that your child will be proud of himself and his results, which will be a great incentive for development in the art of origami in general, and aerogami – in particular.

Choose colorful paper to make the learning process more fun and interesting!

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Acrobatic Qualities

Light Spinner

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Acrobatic Qualities

If you are more interested in the spectacle of flight rather than the time in the air or the speed of a paper airplane, we recommend you pay attention to the Light Spinner model. As you can see in the photo, the wings of this airplane are bent in different directions (one up and one down). Thanks to this technique, Light Spinner flies not on a straight trajectory, but on a spiral-shaped trajectory.

You can even “customize” the radius of the spiral, making it larger or smaller by changing the angle of the bend on the wings.

Light Spinner is quite easy to make and can work both for kids and adults. Follow the step-by-step instructions on our website and draw intricate patterns in the air with your acrobatic airplanes!

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Aesthetics

Best Paper Airplane in terms of Aesthetics

As you have already seen, there are a huge number of different airplane models in aerogami art. Some are more focused on technical characteristics, while others are very cool-looking. It is not easy to choose the most suitable plane for the scenery, because here, as everywhere – there are no comrades for taste and color.

However, we will still highlight a few favorites in this category. For example, among the most realistic models of airplanes, the leaders in our opinion are the Fast Glider and Navy Plane. They look very brutal and will be perfect for decorating a boy’s room.

Also, there are models of paper airplanes that look like birds. They look more unusual and from them, you can make interesting decorations. Pay attention to such models as White Dove and Eagle Eye.

For lovers of the unusual, we have something for you too! Take a look at the King Bee and Fast Swallow airplane patterns. They’re certainly not typical!

The most important thing about airplane designs is choosing the right paper. Use your imagination and combine the boldest colors!


Paper Airplane

Of course, we all know how to make airplanes from paper, the simplest and with minimal time spent. But there is a separate, big direction, which is seriously engaged in the construction of paper airplanes – Aerogami. A huge number of airplane models can be divided into several categories and today we have presented you the leaders in each of these categories. Of course, this is solely our opinion, but we highly recommend you try making these airplanes with your own hands and make sure of their awesome features.

After you have chosen a model that suits your goals and objectives, pay attention to the materials for making the airplane. To make a plane from paper, you will need a rectangular sheet of paper, which can be both white and colored. If desired, you can use notebook paper, xerox paper, newspaper, or any other available paper.

It is better to choose the density of the basis for the future airplane closer to the average, so that it flies far and at the same time it was not too difficult to fold (on too thick paper it is usually difficult to fix the folds and they turn out uneven).

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