Divide Paper into Thirds

In origami, it is often necessary to divide the paper into three parts. Inexperienced fans of working with paper at this point are faced with difficulties. In fact, dividing a sheet into thirds is a very simple skill that absolutely everyone can master.

And no, you will not need a ruler and scissors. How so? You will find the detailed instructions below, and make sure that the art of origami is much more than just crafting decorations from paper. It is a science, which has a lot to do with mathematics and geometry.

This diagram is also very cool to learn with children, as it makes them see that even the simplest things have options. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start!

Step 1

Fold a sheet of paper in half horizontally.

Step 2

Iron the fold of the resulting rectangle thoroughly.

Step 3

Open the sheet.

Step 4

Bend both edges to the central part – the lower and upper.

Step 5

Open the paper again and you will see the lines necessary for division.

Step 6

Unfold a sheet of paper in a vertical plane and fold it in half vertically.

Step 7

You should get a rectangle with visible folding lines on the sides.

Step 8

Open the paper.

Step 9

Fold the top and bottom edges towards the middle.

Step 10

Open the sheet again. You will see the paper split into thirds.

Step 11

Now, it remains only to cut off the extra segments marked with a line in the photo.

Step 12

Use this method you need for the fold. It is simple and easy to deal with. When doing master classes, you may encounter any of the methods, so it’s best to master them in advance and be ready for folding if you happen to need this skill.

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