Easy Money Origami Butterfly

This origami figurine has an amazing property. It acts as a talisman. A banknote folded in the form of a butterfly can bring “easy” money. Put it in your purse or put it on your desk. Luck and good fortune will not make you wait long.
Folding a butterfly from a bill is not difficult. With a little patience – and the figure is ready. Make a photo and share stories about when the talisman worked. Here are clear instructions that will help in the manufacture of crafts.

Step 1

Fold the bill in half and unfold it to leave a strip in the middle.

Step 2
Step 3

Fold the bottom left corner toward the middle.

Step 4
Step 5

Flip the shape.

Step 6

Bend the top right and bottom left corners.

Step 7

Make parallel folds at the top and bottom. Tuck the folded pieces inward.

Step 8
Step 9

Flip the bill over.

Step 10

Fold the shape along the center line and unfold.

Step 11
Step 12

Make diagonal folds to the center.

Step 13

Fold along the center line.

Step 14

The butterfly from a paper bill is ready.

Now you can use it as a talisman to attract money. If you do not believe in mysticism, then a beautifully folded bill will decorate the workplace or desk. It can easily be put on wings, so it looks even more exotic.
Take this advice and send photos of your money butterflies! Tell your stories about how you got “easy” money thanks to the butterfly.

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