Envelopes are used for more than just sending letters. They are great for holding paper clips, business cards, notes, and other small items that get lost all the time. In envelopes, you can give postcards, certificates, and money.
An envelope made using the origami technique is already a cute gift in itself. If you write a letter on paper before folding the figure, you can surprise and please the recipient.

Step 1

Take a standard sheet of office paper measuring 21×29.7 cm. Paper of any color will do. Lay the sheet in front of you horizontally. Bend in half in the crosswise direction, and then straighten it into the starting position.

Step 2

Bend the lower right and left corners to the center fold line so that they meet on it.

Step 3

Bend the right and left sides of the resulting pentagon to the center. They should also meet at the center fold line. A rhombus formed at the bottom of the shape.

Step 4

Make three folds on the sides of the diamond in opposite directions: two inward and one outward of the future envelope. These are the so-called valley folds and mountain folds.

Step 5

Carefully open the diamond, holding the top of the figure, and then flatten it.

Step 6
Step 7

Crease the folds well.

Step 8

Bend the two upper corners towards the center fold line at the same distance from it. This is an envelope flap.

Step 9

Bend the flap and turn the envelope face up.

Step 10
Step 11


Step 12
Step 13

The flap of the envelope can be tucked into the pocket and any small items can be stored in it: business cards, stickers, banknotes. If you decorate the front with beads or flowers, you get a great package for a small gift.

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