Everyone will notice the ring from a banknote! The original accessory will appeal to both adults and children. A keepsake can be easily made from a new $100 bill. In this form, it is nice to receive such exclusive gifts. If you want to practice, take souvenir bills as a basis. Ready to start the master class? Follow all steps chronologically, checking the result along the way.

Step 1

Take a bill and bend it in half, as in the photo.

Step 2
Step 3

Repeat the fold again, you will get a narrow strip from a banknote.

Step 4

In the upper left corner, there should be the number 100. The number has to be accented with two folds, as in the photo.

Step 5

Position the shape as in the photo.

Step 6

Make a fold in the middle.

Step 7

Turn the top edge down (see photo).

Step 8

Flip the shape.

Step 9

Take the shape in your hands and form a circle of the ring (see photo).

Step 10
Step 11

Fold the top edge down.

Step 12

Tuck the end of the banknote into the resulting valve.

Step 13
Step 14

Bend the upper end and tuck in the other side of the resulting valve.

Step 15

The ring is ready.

Step 16
Step 17

The ring is ready. Just in time to try it on! For the original accessory, you can pick up a banknote of another denomination. It is important to follow all the steps correctly so that the result does not disappoint. Master class tips and step-by-step photos will help you not to get confused and do everything right!

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