The shirt, folded in the technique of origami, looks very original and stylish. This is a great gift and a small card at the same time. And if you take a money bill as a basis, you can collect a whole set of shirts and present them to a loved one. Such an original gift will surprise your friend and emphasize his importance in your life. After all, you will put a piece of personal inspiration into this gift! Thanks to the instructions below, you will easily cope with folding the shirt. Just give it some time and love.

Step 1

Put the banknote sale face up in front of you.

Step 2

Fold the banknote lengthwise in half (vertically).

Step 3

Open the banknote and you will see the longitudinal fold.

Step 4

Fold the top and bottom edges to the center line. Iron all the folds well.

Step 5

Turn the banknote over. Bend the right side edges according to the white lines on the photo.

Step 6

Turn the figure over.

Step 7

Turn the shape 90 degrees. Make diagonal folds on the right side to make a collar of your shirt.

Step 8

Bend the bottom edge in thirds and make a fold.

Step 9

Make another tuck. This is the base of the shirt. But that’s not all, as you also need to make the sleeves.

Step 10

Open the length of the shirt to make the sleeves.

Step 11

Open the corners near the bottom fold, as shown in the photo.

Step 12

Fold over the bottom edge, leaving the side tabs for the sleeves.

Step 13

Lift the bottom edge and tuck it under the collar.

Step 14

The shirt with sleeves is ready!

Step 15

All that’s left is to pack it properly. It can be an envelope or a transparent package. Perhaps you want to leave it unpacked as an attachment to the main gift. Try, fantasize, and give bright and memorable presents that can surprise even the most wealthy and respectable people.

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