An army cap is a headgear, which is a light hat, slightly flattened from the sides. It may be part of the stewardess uniform, but most people know it as one of the traditional elements of military uniforms.
At the same time, a paper cap is one of the most popular paper figures. Even those who are not interested in the art of origami in general, but want to please and amuse their children, love to fold it. After all, this figure can be worn on the head!

Step 1

Take an A4 sheet. If using colored paper, place the colored side up. Fold in half, bending the left side to the right, then straighten.

Step 2
Step 3

Fold in half again, this time lowering the top half down.

Step 4

Bend the top corners to the center line.

Step 5

Bend the rectangular part of the paper in the lower area up, crease the fold, and unfold.

Step 6

Flip the shape.

Step 7

Fold the top corner over to where the folds meet.

Step 8

Fold the top layer of the bottom of the paper up.

Step 9

Turn the paper over again.

Step 10

Fold the four corners inward as shown in the photo.

Step 11

Now, lift the bottom part up.

Step 12

Open the figure at the base to get a hat that can be worn.

Ready! You can make this origami on the eve of military holidays to surprise your friends. You can also make such a hat out of white paper and paint it in bright colors – you will get very unusual headgear.

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