One of the most unusual origami in our collection is undoubtedly a paper bat figurine. It will be a perfect gift for kids and adult fans of Batman superhero comics or as a home decoration for Halloween or just as a cute paper friend for animal lovers. For this origami, it is better to use black or gray paper.

Step 1

Prepare 15×15 cm paper, and place it with the colored side down.

Step 2

Fold it in half diagonally.

Step 3

Now fold the left corner to the right corner, work the fold, and unfold.

Step 4
Step 5

Fold the bottom part up so that a small corner of the top part is visible from underneath.

Step 6

Fold this small corner inward.

Step 7

Fold the piece in half along the vertical axis so that the corner is on the outside.

Step 8

Fold the top layer of the left part along the dotted line, shown in the photo, to the top.

Step 9
Step 10

Flip the shape over and repeat Steps 8 and 9.

Step 11

Fold the paper so that line AC lies on line AB.

Step 12
Step 13

Then repeat on the backside.

Step 14
Step 15

The resulting shape looks like a rhombus.

Step 16

Fold the surface layer of the top corner to the side, as shown in the photo.

Step 17

Do the same on the other side of the figure.

Step 18

Pull the protruding corners to the sides and unfold the shape.

Step 19

Look how cute the bat is!

Here’s a great idea: make some more of these origami pieces and then tie them into a garland.

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