This bear face origami is a perfect figure to create with your kids. Even though, it’s called a “Bear”, in the technique of origami, you can fold a huge variety of animals. From the simplest models, which take a couple of minutes to create, to complex designs that fully recreate the image of the animal. Choose different colors and draw different faces, and you will get a full zoo for playing or doing a show with your little ones.

Create your bear by following these easy step-by-step instructions, where you will only need an origami paper of the chosen color (we recommend brown or white for the bear), your hands, and a little bit of time!

Step 1

Take a 15×15 cm square piece of paper, and place it with the colored side down.

Step 2

Fold the square diagonally so that the top corner matches the bottom corner.

Step 3

Fold the triangle in half. Iron well and unfold.

Step 4

Fold the right and left corners together, facing each other at about a 45-degree angle.

Step 5

Now fold the right and left corners outward, again at about a 45-degree angle. You are forming the ears of the bear.

Step 6

Make two more folds on the ears, this time folding the corners back slightly. Also lift the bottom corner slightly, forming the chin.

Step 7

Flip the figure over and lift the bottom corner slightly.

Step 8

Make one last fold to complete the shape of the muzzle.

Step 9

The bear’s muzzle is ready!

Step 10

We hope you enjoy this creative process! Have fun folding!

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