The bear cub figure shows ears and a slightly protruding muzzle. Large, strong paws that are ending in corners resemble sharp claws. The tail is hidden in folds. The bear is made of brown paper, but you can choose grey, black, or white.

A detailed description of the steps will help you complete the assembly correctly. To begin, you should choose a square of larger size, more than 20 centimeters, because it is very difficult to accurately make precise folds on a small paper format. In origami, every fold matters; a mistake will lead to the fact that the figure will become different from the example.

The difficulty level of the craft is average. You shouldn’t give up if something doesn’t work out. A difficult Step of work can be overcome by re-reading the description or carefully examining the photographs. When all the folds are completed, a funny animal figure will be added to the collection, and will be another victory in achieving the goal.

Step 1

Mark a horizontal fold in the middle.

Step 2

Fold the top and bottom edges of the square to the marked line and open them back.

Step 3
Step 4

Determine the vertical fold in the middle and fold the side edges of the square towards it.

Step 5

Open it.

Step 6

Mark diagonal lines intersecting in the center.

Step 7
Step 8

Fold the upper right and left corners alternately, aligning them with the line of the outer rows of rectangles obtained by intersecting the folds.

Step 9
Step 10
Step 11

Align the line of the upper outer rows of rectangles on the vertical middle line and direct the fold to the left.

Step 12
Step 13

Align the leftmost side of the top part of the shape with the top horizontal line. Crease the fold.

Step 14

Direct the layer of folds to the right and repeat the alignment with the top of the far right side.

Step 15
Step 16

Bend the folds of the sides so that the side lines of the square meet in the center.

Step 17
Step 18

Open the triangle with a side top, turning it into a rhombus.

Step 19

Tuck the corners of the rhombus under the sides aligned in the center.

Step 20

Fold the shape in half, turn it over, and fold the bottom edge along the line connecting the corners of the triangle at the base.

Step 21
Step 22

Straighten the bottom of the shape outward.

Step 23

Fold the side corners of the rectangular base along the assisting line, connecting the sides in the middle.

Step 24
Step 25
Step 26

Fold the entire figure along the vertical middle line and turn the sharp corners down.

Step 27
Step 28

Form the folds of the front paws by forming a small accordion fold and focusing on the horizontal position of the sole.

Step 29
Step 30

Shape the hind legs, making a fold directed inward.

Step 31
Step 32

To decorate the head of the figure, unfold each layer of the rectangle into a triangle, aligning the side with the top and connecting the side located closer to the body along the midline.

Step 33
Step 34

Outline the fold of the neck. The fold is a continuation of the line of the front legs.

Step 35

Make an accordion, the fold should be inside.

Step 36

Design the fold of the muzzle and nose as in the example. Round the ears, making additional folds, and tuck the sharp corners of the cheekbones under the fold.

Step 37

Bend the tail inward.

Step 38

Here comes the bear cub!

Step 39

The bear turned out to be clubfooted. The figure stands steadily on a flat surface. You can change the tilt of your head by adjusting the crease in your neck.

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