Origami Bird of Paradise

Napkins are a versatile table decoration. A correctly and beautifully folded napkin gives cheerfulness and originality to the holiday. We offer a master class with which you can fold both thick paper napkins and fabric napkins. The main thing is that the fabric is not too soft. We will show the process on a large paper napkin.

Step 1

Open the napkin.

Step 2

Fold the napkin lengthwise from left to right.

Step 3

Perform a second fold from left to right, but across.

Step 4

Fold the napkin into a triangle.

Step 5

At this point, it is important to check how the single edges lie. They should all be in the corner zone.

Step 6

Connect the sides of the triangle in the central part.

Step 7

Tuck the bottom edges under the triangular figure.

Step 8
Step 9

Fold the shape in half lengthwise.

Step 10

Now, you can begin to take out the feathers of the bird of paradise. First, pull the first feather.

Step 11

Then, pull out the second feather.

Step 12

The next third feather should be pulled carefully so as not to tear the napkin if you are using a paper base.

Step 13

The fourth feather is final.

Step 14

Look how beautiful and original napkins in the form of a Bird of Paradise turned out! They are sure to brighten up the party! Choose a color in the style of the holiday and prepare such decorations in advance. Guests will be satisfied, and you will show yourself as a hospitable hostess!

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