Ancient Slavs believed that pure souls come to earth in the form of butterflies. The Japanese considered it a good sign if a butterfly flew into the house. In other cultures, one moth is a sign of love and femininity, while two – a symbol of happy family life. And if you whisper your wish to a butterfly, it will take it to the sky and it will definitely come true.

Why not make such an amazing symbol with your own hands? Just follow our step-by-step instructions and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

This geometric butterfly will make a great decoration for your room. You can place it on a window or into a flower pot. But better to make several figurines in different colors and create unique compositions or garlands. If you are a lucky owner of a patio or garden, the butterfly garlands will look great on trees and bushes and will attract real butterflies, which bring happiness.

Step 1

Take a square of brightly colored origami paper with a size of 15×15 cm and fold it into an Origami Boat Base figure.

Step 2

Turn the shape horizontally and fold the right and left corners up towards the center so that they meet.

Step 3

Make an outward fold (mountain fold) by tucking one piece under the other as shown in the photo.

Step 4

Make another fold outward.

Step 5

Bend the left corner of the figure backward, as shown in the photo.

Step 6

Now open up a figure and you can already see a butterfly with its wings!

Step 7

Bend down the top of the figure a little.

Step 8

Carefully spread the wings of your butterfly by holding the center part. The size of the fold in Step 5 determines the shape of the butterfly’s wings. If you make the fold wider, the wings will spread out a little more to the sides.

Look how cute it is!

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