There are a lot of things you can make using the ancient art of origami, but as in everything else, there are more and less popular categories. Animal figures are one of the most popular in origami. And inside this animal family, of course, cats and dogs win. On our website you can find different schemes of pet crafts, from full-sized, to easy-to-make faces.

Today we will tell you in detail how to make a paper figure of a cat’s face in the origami technique. Even a child can make this figure! And if you draw a face on the cat, it will not only decorate it but also add originality. Perhaps, you would want to create a toy, that looks like your pet cat, then choose the paper of the shade similar to your cat’s fur.

Or maybe you want to craft something bold and abstract? Think of Andy Warhol’s famous masterpieces, take unexpected colors, and make up unique compositions on the cat’s theme!

Step 1

Take a 15×15 cm square piece of paper of a suitable color.

Step 2

Fold it diagonally, connecting the opposite corners.

Step 3

Fold the triangle in half and work the fold well.

Step 4

Open the last fold and place the triangle with the base down. Notice that the fold line divides it into two smaller triangles.

Step 5

Bend both side corners up, ironing the folding lines. They should look like little triangular ears.

Step 6

To make the ears of the future cat, fold the right and left corners upward, thus dividing the small triangles in half.

Step 7

Fold the top corner inwards as shown in the photo.

Step 8

Flip the figure over. Done!

Step 9

If you wish, you can draw the cat’s eyes, mouth, and whiskers to show the face.

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