Origami Cherry Blossom Flower

Surprisingly beautiful cherry blossoms can be created with the technique of origami. Follow the master class according to the proposed scheme. Each step is described in detail, and the flower will turn great to all who try their hand at origami. To make this handicraft, it is better to take paper of the proper color — choose shades of pink and white. Decorate a tree branch with such flowers, and a marvelous sakura will bloom in your house! Step-by-step instructions, with which everything will turn out easily and simply are below.

Step 1

Prepare a sheet of paper square shaped 15 by 15 cm. Let’s make an origami base for the bird.

Step 2

Fold the sheet of paper in all directions – two diagonals, one vertical and one horizontal. Characteristic folds will appear on the paper.

Step 3

Assemble a square origami base (see photo).

Step 4

Bend the right edge of the rhombus to the middle.

Step 5

Repeat the action with the left edge.

Step 6

Bend the top triangle downwards.

Step 7

Open all folds and make a traditional origami “petal” fold.

Step 8
Step 9

Turn the figure over.

Step 10

Repeat the steps in Steps 4-7 on the reverse side.

Step 11
Step 12
Step 13

Fold one layer of the top flap toward the middle.

Step 14

Fold the edge back.

Step 15

Open this edge even wider and start folding toward the middle already with the floral folds (see photo).

Step 16
Step 17
Step 18
Step 19

Turn the part over and repeat the steps from the previous seven steps.

Step 20
Step 21

Fold the figure from right to left once.

Step 22
Step 23
Step 24

Flip the paper over and fold the right side over the left side one more time.

Step 25

Bring the bottom corner to the top, press the fold line well, and open it.

Step 26
Step 27
Step 28
Step 29

Open the paper and hide the tips of the corners as in the photo.

Step 30

Flip the shape 180 degrees. On the bottom ends, repeat the previous two steps. Take a look to see how the shape turned out.

Step 31

Bring the bottom corner up to the top corner.

Step 32

Once again make a longitudinal fold – wrap the shape from right to left.

Step 33

Fold the bottom edge to the top edge. After that turn the figure over.

Step 34
Step 35

Again make the fold from right to left.

Step 36

Lift the bottom layer to the top layer.

Step 37

Fold both sides diagonally.

Step 38

Turn the figure over and repeat the previous step on the other side.

Step 39

Make a horizontal fold on the stem of the flower.

Step 40

Folding the fold back, start opening the sakura flower carefully.

Step 41
Step 42

It seems that a beautiful Japanese Sakura is going to blossom somewhere very close!

Step 43

And these flowers are not difficult to make yourself. It does not matter what purpose you pursue – the study of natural properties, decor, teaching letters by the example of words – sakura in the technique of origami will appeal to absolutely everyone. Develop diligence and try further!

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