Below you will find a diagram for making another kind of Christmas decorations. This origami Christmas tree is quite easy to make, so you can have a fun and interesting time with your kids, because there is nothing better than decorating the house for Christmas, especially if the garlands and decorations are made by your own hands!

Of course, this little paper craft will not replace a real big spruce, but such a baby has its advantages. You can make several pieces and place them in different rooms: on bookshelves, on a desktop, or on a bedside table. Thus, the spirit of the holiday will envelop all corners of the house. You can also use different colors of paper, to make unique decorations, and then you will have a tree, matching the interior of each room! Christmas is also a perfect time for making colorful garlands, so why not make one of small trees?

Step 1

Prepare a sheet of paper measuring 15×15 cm. If you are using single-sided paper, then the colored side should be on the bottom.

Step 2

Bend diagonally, crease the fold, and unfold.

Step 3

Open up your sheet of paper, placing it as a rhombus, with the colored side down.

Step 4

Fold the sides towards the center line, so that their corners meet in the top third portion of the shape.

Step 5

Fold both sides symmetrically, and you will get a triangular shape pointing down.

Step 6

Turn over the paper.

Step 7

At the top, fold the left and right sides to the fold line in the center.

Step 8

Both sides should be folded equally. Check the result on the photo, this is how your figure should look at this stage.

Step 9

Bend the bottom half of the resulting rhombus back along the dotted line.

Step 10

You should get a triangular “pocket”, which already looks like a Christmas tree.

Step 11

Now, bend the top down, also using the dotted line as your guide.

Step 12

Now you see two triangles: the main one, pointing up, and a smaller one, pointing down.

Step 13

Stepping back just a bit, bend the bottom corner inward.

Step 14

Flip the shape.

Hooray! Your Christmas tree is waiting for its decorations: you can paint it or make an applique.

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