What to do if you have nowhere to put your coins or hairpins? That’s right, you need a purse or cosmetic bag. You can make a beautiful one out of paper with your own hands using origami techniques. Friends will be jealous of the new thing. Share the secret with them, and tell them about the site.

Together send examples of work. If something did not work out, do not despair. Try again. In this craft, the most difficult thing is to cut the paper correctly, but we will talk more about that below. Here we go, let’s start!

Step 1

Lay a 15cm square sheet with the colored side facing down.

Step 2

Fold it horizontally.

Step 3
Step 4

Mark 5 cm on the right side and fold the sheet according to the markings.

Step 5

Press down well.

Step 6

Open the folded part.

Step 7

You will get a triangle like in the picture.

Step 8

Repeat the action on the left side. Mark 5 cm, fold along the line and unfold.

Step 9
Step 10
Step 11

Turn the product over.

Step 12

Fold the right side to the center, then the left side.

Step 13

Press down.

Step 14

Fold the top corner down diagonally.

Step 15
Step 16

Fold the top of the craft along the line.

Step 17
Step 18
Step 19

Make a diagonal fold.

Step 20
Step 21

Compare with the drawing.

Step 22

Turn the paper over and repeat the action on the other side.

Step 23
Step 24
Step 25
Step 26
Step 27

The wallet is ready.

Step 28

Now you can store coins in it.

Step 29

If you have coped with it, we will be glad to evaluate your result in the form of a photo. You can also leave your impressions about the work done. Was it difficult or not so difficult? Whether the instructions are clear or need more details? Good luck and more coins in your new wallet!

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