In the world of origami, the most popular figure is the crane. The bird is a symbol of the best spiritual qualities of a person: friendliness, devotion, and mercy. There are many legends and traditions about this in the cultures of different nations. Every origamist must master at least one of the existing patterns for creating a paper crane.

The figurine, made according to the proposed description, possesses the main features of a flying crane. Wide-open wings emphasize greatness. The smooth curve of the neck with a small head and sharp beak gives grace. In nature, the down of a crane is white, but the bird always looks different. In the rays of the setting sun, the color will have a pink tint. The leaves of the trees turn it to a green pastel shade. Near the water, the feathers will turn azure. To embody the image of a crane, you can choose not only white paper but also pastel shades of other colors.

A bright edging of the wings and tail, drawn with a marker or paints, will add expressiveness to the contours. A red comb cap on the head, a black or orange beak, and beady eyes will enhance the realism of the image.

Step 1

Bend the square diagonally. Open back and turn over.

Step 2
Step 3

Align the top side with the bottom cut. Crease the fold and unfold

Step 4

Align the sides and unfold.

Step 5

Fold the square along the second diagonal line. Place the figure at an angle towards you.

Step 6

Connect the right part of the top fold to the center middle line to form a diamond.

Step 7

Turn the shape over. Repeat the previous step.

Step 8

Bend the lower sides of the top layer of the diamond shape towards the middle. Straighten the fold back.

Step 9

Bend the top corner towards you along the marked points. Straighten the fold.

Step 10

Raise the corner, directing the sides of the figure to the center.

Step 11

Turn the shape over.

Step 12

Repeat steps 8-10.

Step 13
Step 14

Fold the bottom sides of the figure towards the middle.

Step 15

Turn over. Repeat the same on the other side.

Step 16

Bend the lower parts of the rhombus inward on both sides.

Step 17

Fold in one-third of the acute angle, turning the fold inside out.

Step 18

Pull the wings from the center to the edges to open the inner fold.

Step 19

The crane figurine is ready.

Step 20

Now, all you have left to do is draw the bright details.

If you hang a paper crane on a thread near a window, it will become mobile when the wind blows lightly. We suggest you make several figures. Cranes in nature live in pairs and even entire families.

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