Making a crocodile according to the proposed instructions is as easy as shelling pears. A detailed description of the steps will not cause difficulties even for beginners. The figure is made up of a square. A bright, unusual color will make the craft fun. Crocodiles can be of various colors and shades: green, blue, red, and gray. The finished size of the figure will be equal to the length of the side of the selected square.

The crocodile will have four short legs, a pointed tail, and a long snout. If you draw eyes or cut them out of paper and glue them, the reptile will have a character. The crocodile will become funny, reckless, cheerful, thoughtful, cunning, or angry. Rows of angular growths on the back can be depicted as stripes in a contrasting color. All that remains is to draw the nostrils and the figure is ready.

Step 1

Place the square at an angle towards you, bringing together the sides to outline the fold.

Step 2
Step 3

Open back.

Step 4

Bend the sides, and join them in the middle along the intended line.

Step 5
Step 6

Bend the top of the acute angle down so that it extends beyond the edge of the combined parts. You should get a figure with five corners.

Step 7

Fold the edge of the figure along the line connecting the top corner and the bottom.

Step 8

On the other side, do the same.

Step 9

Make an accordion fold on both sides, stepping back a small distance from the last fold line.

Step 10

Raise the acute angle from the center of the figure upward, forming another accordion fold.

Step 11
Step 12

Bend the corners, which are protruding beyond the body, symmetrically from each edge.

Step 13
Step 14

Return the folded edges back, but not along the finished fold, but along a new one, retreating a short distance from the edge. The result would be the paws of a crocodile.

Step 15

Bend the corner of the top of the figure down, forming a muzzle.

Step 16

Make another accordion fold, forming a tail. Bend the bottom corner up along the line connecting the widest part of the shape.

Step 17

Return the top down, making a small indent from the last fold.

Step 18

Turn the figure over because all the folds are done. You can add details and play.

Step 19

When the crocodile is ready, show it to your friends or relatives. Share the joy and pride of your creation. Parents will also be happy, while friends will be inspired by the idea of making crafts using the origami technique.

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