Origami divide paper into US dollar

The US dollar bill measures approximately 6.6 cm x 15.5 cm, which is a 1:2.35 ratio. You can measure and cut the paper to the appropriate size. Or you can use the origami technique below to cut the square-shaped paper into pieces about the size of a US dollar bill. The size of the paper will have the same ratio as the dollar bill.

The scheme you will find below is more of a mathematical experiment, which will be curious to make with the kids of school age. It is kind of a magic, where you will not need a ruler to make up a perfect paper rectangle of the exact size. You will only need a piece of regular or origami paper, your hands, and a couple of minutes for this interesting craft. Shall we start?

Step 1

Take 15cm x 15cm square-shaped paper. (You can use the same steps for 21 cm x 28 cm paper)

Step 2

Fold the paper in half along the diagonal axis. Fold well.

Step 3

Then fold the top layer of paper so that its edge matches the diagonal on the right side.

Step 4

Iron the fold again.

Step 5

Unfold the folded paper.

Step 6

Fold the fold horizontally from the bottom as shown.

Step 7

Carefully work out the folding line, making up a rectangle.

Step 8

Fold another fold horizontally from the top as shown.

Step 9

Iron the folds, accenting the bend lines.

Step 10

Unfold the paper and cut it as shown.

Step 11

You have gotten 3 rectangles out of your square paper. The first 2 rectangles are in the same approximate proportions as a US dollar.

Step 12

The top rectangle can be discarded.

Now you can use these 2 rectangular-shaped papers, similar to a dollar bill, to fold origami.

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