The image of a dragon is firmly entrenched in the human mind, despite the fact that no one has seen a living representative. It is a huge flying lizard-like creature that breathes fire. Heroes of science fiction films and fairy tales often go on long journeys to reach the dragon’s lair and fight it. From legends, we know that these fabulous creatures live in rocky caves or abandoned castles, and sometimes in impenetrable forests.

Dragons have common features that combine body parts from different animals. It has powerful hind legs with claws, a long scaly tail, and a small head, powerful membranous wings capable of lifting a large creature high into the sky. We invite origami lovers to practice their skills and craftsmanship by embodying the image of a beautiful dragon in paper. A realistic character figurine will be the decoration and pride of any collection.

Step 1

Draw the diagonal lines of the square. Turn the sheet over.

Step 2

Mark the middle lines, combining opposite edges.

Step 3

Turn the square at an angle towards you. Fold a double rhombus, aligning all the diagonal lines.

Step 4

Join the bottom sides of the diamond in the center. Open back.

Step 5

Bend the sides inward along the assisting lines. Open the fold to create a narrow diamond shape. Turn the shape over.

Step 6

Bend the upper left side of the diamond towards the middle.

Step 7

Straighten the resulting fold in the opposite direction. Press the fold to form a triangle.

Step 8

Fold the bottom sides towards the middle. Open back.

Step 9

Pull the base of the triangle up to form a diamond. Point the top of the diamond down.

Step 10

Bend the resulting folds to the left.

Step 11

Repeat the three previous steps on the right side of the shape to obtain a figure as in the example.

Step 12

Bend the folds to the side.

Step 13

Fold the top of the smaller diamond towards yourself.

Step 14

Fold the bottom corner up. Open the fold back.

Step 15

Mark an assisting fold, aligning the side of the triangle with the base. Unfold.

Step 16

Align the other side with the base and unfold.

Step 17

Squeeze the sides of the triangle. Direct the fold to the side.

Step 18

Bend the fold inward. Position the triangle’s top of the resulting fold to the other side between the parts of the shape.

Step 19

Fold the bottom corner of the small diamond.

Step 20

Fold the bottom sides of the diamond symmetrically.

Step 21

Close the entire figure along the vertical middle line. Place the fold line horizontally at the top.

Step 22

Bend the left corner, aligning the bottom edge with the vertical fold in the middle.

Step 23

Press the opened part of the shape, while simultaneously making a fold, as in the example.

Step 24

Make the previous two folds on the other side of the shape symmetrically.

Step 25

Lower the top of the corner, straightening the fold along the assisting line. Do it on both sides.

Step 26

Raise the corner tops up on both sides to form assisting fold lines. Return it back. Press the top corner inward.

Step 27

Open the figure along a vertical line.

Step 28

Make accordion folds. Secure under the folds.

Step 29

Bend the figure along a vertical line.

Step 30

Raise the figure’s wings up. On both sides, make an assisting fold on the tail part, as in the example.

Step 31

Bend the fold in the other direction.

Step 32

Straighten the fold of the head outward symmetrically on both sides.

Step 33

Bend the height of the small triangle.

Step 34

Straighten the fold back.

Step 35

Using the assisting folds of the two previous steps, make an internal fold.

Step 36

Bend the top fold to the side, straightening the inner layer of paper. Do it on both sides.

Step 37

Open the folds of the head, aligning the side edge along the assisting fold on the neck.

Step 38

Design the face of the animal. Perform a reverse fold.

Step 39

Form a neck line by bending the corner inward.

Step 40

Make two accordion folds on the tail of the figure. Point the end of the tail upward.

Step 41

Bend the elements of the front legs forward with a slight indentation from the base.

Step 42

Bend the lower edge of the paws inward.

Step 43

Form the feet of the lower limbs.

Step 44

Bend the corner of the wing’s lower part in a straight line. Fold inward. On both sides.

Step 45

Fold the wing up along the top fold’s bottom line.

Step 46

Fold down along the top line. Bend it up again.

Step 47

Fold the top side towards the previous fold. Open again.

Step 48

Make a fold in the other direction.

Step 49

Divide the small triangle in half.

Step 50

Fold all the resulting parts of the folds like an accordion.

Step 51

Make a tuck at the top of the wings. Straighten the bottom edge.

Step 52

Form the ears. The dragon figurine is ready.

Step 53

A video tutorial and photographs of the assembly steps will help you overcome the difficulties of creating a dragon figurine. Attention to detail, perseverance, and accuracy are the main helpers in working with complex patterns.

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