Origami Fast Swallow Airplane

Like a graceful and fast swallow, this aircraft is distinguished by its long-term flight altitude and good range. The forked tail, reminiscent of the tail of this bird, provides stability and smooth movement. The average distance that the model can cover is about eight meters.

To construct this prototype, you will need a ruler, a pencil, and some tape. This article explains in simple and easy-to-follow steps the process of making the Fast Swallow aircraft model.

Step 1

Place the sheet of paper vertically and fold it in half. Then, bend it vertically, creating a rectangle that is a quarter of the entire shape.

Step 2

Unfold the paper completely. You should end up with two lines intersecting at right angles, dividing the paper into four equal parts.

Step 3

Align the top edge of the paper with the horizontal fold.

Step 4

Fold the resulting piece of paper in half, then fold again the second time.

Step 5

Using a pencil and ruler, draw two vertical lines at a distance of 2.5 cm from the center fold line.

Step 6

Next, step back 7.5 cm from the lower left corner and draw a horizontal line parallel to the top and bottom lines.

Step 7

Using a pencil and ruler, mark sections 3.7 cm in length on the midline.

Step 8

Use the marks you have made to draw lines perpendicular to the bottom edge of the sheet.

Step 9

Place two diagonals in the rectangles formed by dividing the wings into two so that they connect the middle of the border of the wings with the middle of each horizontally.

Step 10

Using scissors, remove the bottom section of the wings, leaving only two mirrored right triangles. This is the tail part of the swallow prototype.

Step 11

Fold the plane in half and use the cutting tool again, cutting along the fold line that reaches the edge of the “tails” in depth. Make sure that the distance from the edge of the paper is at least 1 cm.

Step 12

Bend the wings according to the illustration and turn up the jumper formed by the cut.

Step 13

To give the model a complete look, tape the nose and folds at the edges of the wings together.

The Fast Swallow airplane prototype is ready to elegantly conquer the airspace. It is worth noting that this model, like many others, can be adjusted to the trajectory. To do this, you can slightly bend the tail pieces up or down.

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