Origami Flying Ninja Airplane

This paper aircraft model is called “Ninja”. With a relatively low speed and distance of flight, it performs many different tricks in the air. This sets it apart from many other aircraft made using the origami technique.

At first glance, it may seem that it is difficult to make such an aircraft. However, once you are done, you will see that it’s easier than it looks. Follow our step-by-step instructions and you will succeed. Ready? Then, let’s start!

Step 1

Prepare a sheet of paper 22×28 cm. Note that you can use any other size, as long as the aspect ratio is about the same.

Step 2

Make two folds that you will use as a guide in the next steps.

Step 3

Fold the first, then the other corner, as shown in the photo.

Step 4

Return the sheet of paper to the original position.

Step 5

Make another fold using these photos as your guide.

Step 6
Step 7

Make a few folds so that the middle of the right side of the rectangle is inside, in the center of the figure, forming a triangle.

Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
Step 11

Repeat the folds from steps 7-10 for the left side.

Step 12
Step 13

Bend the right portion of the resulting triangle to the left side.

Step 14
Step 15

Bend the right side of the figure, as shown in the photo.

Step 16

Flip the paper over, so you can proceed to making the folds explained in the next step.

Step 17

Fold the figure in half and bend the right side to the left.

Step 18
Step 19

Fold the front left side of the figure towards the center, as in step 15.

Step 20

Open the left side of the figure.

Step 21

Turn the paper over and open the top triangle.

Step 22
Step 23

Bend the top corner down towards you.

Step 24

Bend the corner up, away from you.

Step 25
Step 26

Turn the figure over and fold it in half vertically.

Step 27
Step 28

Bend the paper to create one of the aircraft’s two wings.

Step 29

Turn the figure over and bend the paper to make the second wing.

Step 30
Step 31

Crease the folds well and straighten the paper model.

Step 32

Hooray, Ninja is ready!

Step 33
Step 34

It spins in the air and sometimes behaves unpredictably. There is no way to know exactly how it will move next time. Maybe, you will discover the hidden features of this model. For now, though, you can launch it on its first flight.

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