Origami Fortune Teller

This toy is familiar to almost everyone since childhood – a splash of nostalgia is guaranteed! Well, if you see it for the first time, then get ready to discover a fun game. The point is to ask a question that concerns you and name a random number based on which the “Fortuneteller” will give an answer.

Step 1

Prepare a 15×15 cm square sheet of paper.

Step 2

Bend alternately along the vertical and horizontal axes, crease the folds, and unfold.

Step 3

Make two more folds along the diagonals of the square. Crease the folds like before and unfold.

Step 4

Fold the corners to the center point formed by the fold lines.

Step 5
Step 6

Turn over the paper. You should see 8 sections in the form of triangles: you need to write a prediction on each of them. You can come up with them yourself or find one of the classic options online.

Step 7

Now, bend all four corners to the center point.

Step 8
Step 9

The eight triangular sections reappeared on top. You need to come up with an identifier for each: these can be colors or shapes, but numbers are most convenient.

Step 10

Flip the shape.

Step 11

Open the paper by spreading the corners in the center.

Step 12

This is how you make room for your thumbs and forefingers.

You did it! Origami “Fortuneteller” is ready. It’s time to finally find out the answers to all the exciting questions.

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