Origami Fox Puppet

Treat the littlest members of your family to a cute handmade puppet zoo. Or set a play with origami toys. Origami scheme of Foxy, which you will find below – as best as possible to spend time with children. This is not just a figurine, but a real talking puppet!

It is easy to make a toy of a little foxy. You can give her any mood by drawing eyes and a face. Put it on your fingers and make a puppet show. Invite your friends and have fun together! Everyone will be excited to watch how the origami foxy opens its mouth and talks.

You will only need a piece of solid orange origami paper, your hands, a little bit of time, and a black crayon for the final touches. Making your kids smile has never been more easy!

Have you already taken up the work? Send us photos of your creations and comment on how easy or difficult it was to create a handicraft.

Step 1

Make a Organ base. This is the starting point for many crafts. Instructions on how to make it are on another page.

Step 2

Turn the base over and make two parallel folds as shown in the picture.

Step 3

Follow the dotted vertical lines.

Step 4

Fold both sides to the center along the lines.

Step 5

Then make 3 diagonal folds.

Step 6

At this stage it can be a bit confusing, so check yourself with the photo below.

Step 7

Now fold back the bottom of the resulting figure.

Step 8

Bend the bottom triangle to the top of the piece and iron the fold well.

Step 9

Repeat the same on the back side on the other edge.

Step 10

Turn your piece by 90°.

Step 11

Thread your fingers through the side pockets and pull them apart.

Step 12

Now close the mouth of the fox.

Step 13

Insert your index finger into the top and your thumb into the bottom.

Color it, add a face and eyes, and mark the ears. Now you can organize a performance. You may need more animals for the performance. Find instructions for making other origami puppets in our collection. Great idea! Then go ahead and share your achievements in the comments.

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