In Japanese mythology, the red fox is called kitsune. It has excellent eyesight and smell, can quickly move in space, and read people’s thoughts. The fox spirit monitors the balance of good and evil. When it strikes its tail, it can cause a fire.

You can easily make a magic fox with your own hands, with only patience and origami paper. Do you want to try it? Then follow our step-by-step instructions below, and you will definitely succeed!

Step 1

Take a 15×15 cm square of origami paper or orange color (if you want to make a Fox of a different shade — it’s all up to you).

Step 2

Place the paper-colored side down and fold it diagonally.

Step 3

Fold the resulting triangle in half, iron it well with your fingers, and then unfold it to its original state.

Step 4

Now fold the right and left corners of the triangle to vertex A so that corners B and C meet corner A and the sides meet at the center fold line.

Step 5
Step 6

Make a fold along the center folded line in the opposite direction so that corners D and E meet at the bottom.

Step 7

This is called a mountain fold.

Step 8

Gently make a fold along one side of the triangle as shown in the photo.

Step 9

Iron the fold well with your fingers.

Step 10

Unfold half of the resulting fold to form the fox’s face. Smooth the triangle of the face so that it is flat.

Step 11

Curl the tip of the tail, and draw a nose and eyes.

Step 12

The Kitsune foxy is in front of you!

You can make a whole family of foxes if you use different-sized squares of paper.

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