This origami will be very popular with children. The folding pattern is simple, even the smallest can do it. A soul lives in crafts made with your own hands. Children are very sensitive to this.
Usually, origami paper is 15×15 cm in size. However, you can take a smaller square, then you will get a tiny frog.

Step 1

To fold the figure, you can use not only green paper but also printed paper. Then, you will get a special frog. Lay the paper with the colored side on the table and turn it so that there is a diamond in front of you.

Step 2

Fold the diamond in half vertically, connecting the opposite corners, and then unfold to its original position.

Step 3
Step 4

Now, fold the diamond in half lengthwise to make a triangle.

Step 5

Fold the right corner of the triangle to the center fold line. Crease well.

Step 6

Now, lift the folded corner to a vertical position and gently straighten the resulting crease.

Step 7

Press the flattened crease, so that the right side meets the right side of the bottom layer. At the same time, the left side should remain on the center fold line.

Step 8

Turn the figure as shown in the photo, so that the outlines of the frog are visible.

Step 9

Connect the lower left corner to the right and crease the fold.

Step 10

Finally, the last step: spread the frog a little, so that it can stand!

Step 11

DIY origami paper figures are fun toys for kids. Do them together and have fun!

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