A figurine of a ghost dressed in the cloak of a wandering monk made using origami technique is a wonderful gift for lovers of mystery, mysticism, and magic. A ghost can be given as a gift for Halloween because it is customary to dress up in costumes and add attributes of a mysterious world to the atmosphere around this time.

The scheme is complex and includes 15 Steps with many internal symmetrical folds, but there is a very detailed description. To create this Halloween figure, you need to stock up on a sheet of origami paper, attention, and patience. From a square with sides of 20 cm, you will get a small figurine about 7 – 8 cm in height. The choice of paper color will depend on your mood and capabilities.

Step 1

Draw horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines for the middle of the square.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9

All assisting folds should intersect in the center.

Step 10

Place the square at an angle towards you so that it looks like a diamond. Make 4 folds, bringing together the sides with a horizontal diagonal, and 4 folds with a vertical diagonal.

Step 11
Step 12
Step 13
Step 14
Step 15
Step 16
Step 17
Step 18
Step 19
Step 20
Step 21
Step 22
Step 23
Step 24
Step 25
Step 26
Step 27

Start folding the rhombus along a horizontal diagonal line making a mountain, while simultaneously squeezing the right edge.

Step 28

Fold the paper away from you to form two perpendicular triangles and compare your result with the illustration.

Step 29

Bend the bottom corner of the figure up.

Step 30
Step 31

Bend the left corner of the figure to the right along the line connecting the sharp corners.

Step 32
Step 33

Squeeze the triangle along the line of its height, shift all the resulting folds upward, and turn the figure over so that the bottom side is at the top.

Step 34
Step 35

The right corners of the upper triangles, superimposed on each other, need to be pressed inward to form one triangle with internal folds in the form of a petal with three sharp corners.

Step 36
Step 37
Step 38
Step 39
Step 40
Step 41

Place the resulting figure with the longest side towards the right hand.

Step 42
Step 43

Bend the acute corner of the upper triangle to the right, as in the example, turn the figure over, and make a symmetrical fold.

Step 44
Step 45

Bend the upper acute corner away from you along a horizontal line at the level of the top of the side triangle.

Step 46
Step 47
Step 48

Divide the acute angle between the upper edge of the structure and the short side of the triangle in half.

Step 49

Fold the fold into an accordion shape so that the last fold line looks like a mountain on both sides.

Step 50
Step 51
Step 52

Bend a sharp triangle along a line that continues the base, comparing with the example, and bend along the resulting folds in the opposite direction.

Step 53
Step 54
Step 55

Fold the sharpest part towards itself and bend it inward along the fold line.

Step 56
Step 57

The result is the hood of the cloak.

Step 58

Fold the arm parts along a vertical line, starting with the outer line of the base of the hood.

Step 59
Step 60
Step 61

Make folds at the ends of sharp corners, bend them inward, and repeat on both sides symmetrically.

Step 62
Step 63
Step 64
Step 65
Step 66
Step 67

Turn the figure over so that the inside is visible, and bend the corner of the inner rectangle.

Step 68
Step 69

Direct the edges of the figure onto the resulting tight fold, layering one over the other.

Step 70
Step 71

Turn the body sideways and form the base with an even horizontal fold on both sides. The stability on the surface will depend on the direction and accuracy of the fold.

Step 72
Step 73
Step 74
Step 75
Step 76

Straighten the superimposed folds of the cloak train and, if necessary, add a fold that continues the base so that the figure stands confidently on the surface.

Step 77

Decorate the edge of the train with a compressed fold directed upward.

Step 78

Well, here is the result!

Step 79

It must be remembered that superstitious friends without a sense of humor will not be very happy about such a gift, and may even be scared because the ghost looks very realistic. Nonetheless, friends with a sense of humor will put the figurine in the most visible place and show it to their friends.

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