On the eve of the New Year, the city is enveloped in a special atmosphere: colored lights, decorations, music, films… At such moments, you wish you could take the festive mood with you to enjoy it at home. We have an idea of how to do this, and at the same time have a wonderful evening with the family doing a common thing.

Using the origami technique, you can make a New Year’s garland to hang on the Christmas tree or decorate the windows with it. It is simple to make, but very beautiful and elegant. It will be given additional charm thanks to the fact that it is made with your own hands.

You will need a garland with small LED lights and colorful square origami paper. The number of sheets must correspond to the number of light bulbs on the garland.

Step 1

First, let’s make the base of the box: prepare a sheet of paper measuring 15×15 cm.

Step 2

Fold the paper in half, first along the horizontal, then along the vertical axis.

Step 3

Carefully crease the fold and unfold.

Step 4

Fold all four corners to the center point.

Step 5

Position the paper as shown in the photo, folding the sides inward so they meet in the center.

Step 6

Crease the folds and unfold.

Step 7
Step 8

Fold the top and bottom parts inward in the same way, then unfold.

Step 9
Step 10

Open and straighten the top and bottom corners that you previously folded towards the center of the figure.

Step 11

Fold the sides inward again so that their edges meet in the center.

Step 12

Crease the folds, which are needed to make further steps easier.

Step 13

Now, you can fold the box.

Step 14

Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions to fold the side of the box.

Step 15
Step 16
Step 17
Step 18

Repeat the same steps on the opposite side to create the remaining walls of our box.

Step 19

The first part is ready!

Step 20

Let’s make the lid: prepare 15.5×15.5 cm paper.

Step 21

Fold it in half along the horizontal axis.

Step 22

Fold the bottom right corner up so that its edge is flush with the edge of the paper.

Step 23

Turn the shape over and fold the bottom right corner up in the same way.

Step 24
Step 25

You have formed something resembling an envelope.

Step 26

Unfold it and then flatten it on the table to make a square.

Step 27
Step 28

Fold the top corner inward and crease the fold.

Step 29

Unfold the paper completely.

Step 30

Both diagonal folds should be curved, so fold the paper along a vertical line, crease, and unfold.

Step 31
Step 32

Let’s turn to the center of the figure: to recess it inward, create curved folds along the dotted lines, forming a square.

Step 33
Step 34

Now, the fold lines will help you recess the center of the paper inward.

Step 35
Step 36

After this, straighten the figure on the table.

Step 37

Fold the edges of the paper at the top inward, as shown in the photo.

Step 38

Turn the shape over and repeat step 37.

Step 39
Step 40

Carefully open the paper and lay it flat on the table.

Step 41
Step 42
Step 43

Fold the right and left corners inward and tuck them into the small square in the center.

Step 44
Step 45

Turn the paper over.

Step 46

Based on the photo instructions, bend the bottom corner inward, crease the fold, and straighten it out.

Step 47
Step 48

In the same way, bend the upper corner inward, then straighten it.

Step 49
Step 50

Now, fold the bottom corner up to the fold line, crease the fold line, and unfold it.

Step 51
Step 52

Fold the top corner inward in the same way and unfold it.

Step 53
Step 54

Alternately fold the right and left edges inward, and then unfold them.

Step 55
Step 56
Step 57
Step 58

Now that all the fold lines are marked, assemble the walls of the box in the same way as you created its base.

Step 59
Step 60
Step 61
Step 62
Step 63

To help the edges of the paper stick inside, you can use a glue stick.

Step 64
Step 65
Step 66

Finally, this long journey is completed.

Step 67
Step 68
Step 69

You can admire the result.

Step 70

Such a cute miniature box will delight anyone. Have you already figured out what you will put inside and who you will give it to?

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