This heart figure has a stand on the back, which makes it stand out from the rest. The heart will look great on a desk or as decoration on a bookshelf.

Step 1

Take a sheet of paper 15×15 cm (colored side down).

Step 2

Fold alternately along the vertical and horizontal axis, work out the folds, and unfold.

Step 3

Fold the bottom part in half so that the edge coincides with the center line.

Step 4

Turn the paper over. Fold the two bottom corners inward so they meet in the center.

Step 5
Step 6

Flip again. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the center of the top edge of the paper.

Step 7
Step 8

Flip over. At the top, make two folds along the dotted line, work out, and unfold.

Step 9
Step 10

At the place of the folds, make a squash fold: open the paper slightly, as in the photo, and press in the center.

Step 11
Step 12
Step 13
Step 14
Step 15
Step 16
Step 17

At the bottom you see two small squares. Fold them in half, bending the outer corner inward.

Step 18
Step 19

Fold the right and left sides of the shape into the center.

Step 20
Step 21

Fold the two bottom corners up along the dotted line.

Step 22

The resulting shape looks like a square. Fold the two bottom corners to the center.

Step 23

With these final strokes, you have made “the legs” on which the heart will be able to stand. Enjoy the result!

Step 24

A beautiful standing heart will look great on your table and always remind you of your closest people!

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