Origami Jumping Frog

The Origami frog of a beautiful green shade looks very realistic. Play with friends with this toy, made by your own hands, in addition, it has one interesting feature – it can jump. Whose frog will jump farther, is the winner!

Share your impressions about the new origami creation, and send photos of your frogs. Share your opinion in the comments. To make it perfect, follow the instructions thoroughly.

Step 1

Take a sheet of green paper and make a square base from it.

Step 2
Step 3

Insert your finger into the formed front pocket and slide the paper. Then press and smooth the resulting shape.

Step 4
Step 5

Repeat this action 3 more times.

Step 6

Next, fold the corners diagonally.

Step 7
Step 8

Perform the “petal fold” technique.

Step 9
Step 10

Repeat this action on three sides of the rhombus. Turn it over. Now you have a base for the frog.

Step 11
Step 12

Fold the edges to the center line.

Step 13
Step 14

Repeat this action on three sides.

Step 15

To make the two front legs, fold both legs up diagonally as in the diagram.

Step 16
Step 17

Make two reverse folds on each leg.

Step 18
Step 19
Step 20

Now gently blow some air where the arrow points.

Step 21

The frog is ready. It already knows how to jump. To do this, run your finger along the bottom of the body and sharply release.

Step 22

If you managed to make this wonderful jumping frog, send us photos and comments!

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