This unusual origami will come in handy to decorate your apartment for a birthday party or make a three-dimensional applique on paper. Only be sure to take one-sided colored paper, so that the letter was clearly visible.

This origami instruction is very simple, except for the very first step – preparatory. To begin, you will need two sheets, each of which should be divided into fifths. This is a fairly popular technique, so the site has a separate page with instructions for it.

The art of origami is full of surprises. It has a recipe for any occasion. We all got used, that origami is mainly about figures of birds and animals, or flowers and stars. But it’s not that narrow, and today you are going to make sure of it! Below we are sharing step-by-step instructions for crafting a voluminous capital letter “A” from paper. With origami letters, you can make up the name of your loved one, or even a congratulatory message.

Step 1

Take two 10×10 cm square sheets of paper of the chosen color and divide them into fifths.

Step 2

Place the paper with the colored side facing down.

Step 3

Fold the top and bottom edges inwards along the first fold line.

Step 4

Fold the side edges back along the first lines. The first composite piece is ready.

Step 5

On the second piece of paper, fold the sides inward along the first fold lines.

Step 6

You should get a vertical rectangle with two color stripes on the sides, just like in the photo.

Step 7

Now join the two pieces by inserting one into the other as shown in the photo.

Step 8

You can already see a rectangular letter “A”, and you are just one step away from the final result!

Step 9

Fold the top two corners back diagonally.

See the letter “A”? Folding such a simple origami with children, you can learn the whole alphabet. After all, when you make something with your own hands, it is impossible not to memorize it.

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