The lotus is also called the water lily. This beautiful flower grows in the standing or slow-flowing waters of the Nile and Ganges rivers. But to visualize the delicacy and gracefulness of the lotus, you don’t have to travel so far and look for it in the wild. It is enough to fold it from paper, especially since this origami is quite simple and consists mainly of repetitive actions.

In the classic version, such origami is folded from a sheet of paper 15×15 cm. But note that the instructions imply a lot of folds, so the larger the sheet, the easier it will be for you to fold it.

Step 1

Prepare a square sheet of paper. As for the color — white is always a perfect option, but you are free to create a new specie of lotus.

Step 2

Fold it along two axes and two diagonals, working out the folds well. After that, spread the paper out on the table.

Step 3

Fold all four corners into the point in the middle formed by the lines.

Step 4

The resulting figure also has four corners: fold them into the center.

Step 5

And again fold all the corners into the center point.

Step 6

Turn the paper over and fold the corners into the center one last time.

Step 7
Step 8

Now carefully check the instructions on the photo.

Step 9

Carefully take the petal squares one by one from the back side and turn them out to the front side.

Step 10
Step 11
Step 12
Step 13

Do this with all four.

Step 14

Next, curve four more open petals from the backside to the front side, as shown in the photo.

Step 15
Step 16

That’s it, the water lily is ready!

Step 17

It can be used to serve the table, or just to decorate your working space. Children can try to launch the lotus into the water – it floats perfectly!

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