The origami described in this instruction is not just a boat. It is a symbol of love, unshakable faith, and fulfillment of desires. It looks like a ship with scarlet sails, which Assol has been waiting for on the seashore for many years. If you look from one side – this is a boat, and if you look from the other – it’s a heart.

Step 1

Take a square of paper measuring 15×15 cm and put it in front of you with the colored side down. It is better to use red or pink paper.

Bend the square in half horizontally, then vertically, and then straighten it to its original position.

Step 2

Bend the bottom corners towards the center so that they meet at the fold line.

Step 3
Step 4

Now, fold the right and left halves of the figure to the center. Crease the fold to the point of intersection with the folds made in Steps 2-3.

Step 5

Make two diagonal folds as shown in the photo.

Step 6

The lower part of the figure should rise, forming a triangle. Crease the sides well. This is the point of the future heart.

Step 7

Now, make diagonal folds at the top of the figure.

Step 8

In this case, the top of the figure is bent down. Crease the folds.

Step 9

Do you see the outline of the future ship?

Step 10

Turn the shape over to the other side.

Step 11

Connect points A and B.

Step 12

Part of the boat should appear as if it rises.

Step 13

Press it, straightening the corners, as shown in the photo.

Step 14

Bend the inner corners diagonally towards the center.

Step 15

Bend the top ends of the figure. This is the reverse side of the heart-sail.

Step 16

Turn over the figure.

Step 17

Carefully straighten the sides, so that the boat takes a vertical position.

One morning it can bring joy to a good person. May everyone who made the Ship of Love have a miracle happen in their lives!

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