Origami Modular 6-Pointed Star

This beautiful six-pointed star was created according to instructions from Tomoko Fuse. In the process of folding, origami fans will be able to perform unusual steps that are typical for working with shapes. However, this will make the process even more interesting. To make a modular six-pointed star, you will need six square sheets of paper. The master class was made on the example of sheets measuring 10 by 10 cm for each part. If desired, the size of the sheets can be increased, and the result will be a huge star.

Step 1

For origami, plain printer paper that is cut to a size of 10×10 cm is selected. The color is the same on both sides. You need six identical parts.

Step 2

Start working with each part separately. Fold a piece of paper in half vertically.

Step 3

Open a sheet of paper. A fold line will appear in the middle.

Step 4

Bend both sides towards the center, so that they meet at a vertical line. Crease the new folds well with your fingers.

Step 5

Unfold a sheet of paper.

Step 6

Connect point A to point B, marked on the diagonal crease made in the previous step.

Step 7

Open the diagonal crease and you will see another crease.

Step 8

Connect the sides again in the center.

Step 9

Raise the bottom tip, as in the photo.

Step 10

This is a non-standard move for origami. Bend the lower left corner to the line formed along the ED axis. After the fold, the new line should extend from the center crease to the left side of the paper.

Step 11

Unfold the figure completely.

Step 12

The second unusual technique for origami. The FG line must be extended with a fold to the bottom edge. To do this, perform a fold.

Step 13

Without opening the sheet of paper, mark the X and Y points.

Step 14

Folds will need to be made along them. The folds will follow the dotted lines (see photo).

Step 15
Step 16

Connect the right side to the left in the center. One part is ready.

Step 17

Repeat the folding process with the rest of the star. There should be six identical parts in total.

Step 18

Let’s start assembling the star. To do this, you need to open one of the parts and put the edge of the second part into the resulting pocket.

Step 19

The procedure is illustrated on the photo.

Step 20
Step 21

Continue the assembly and attach the third part in the same way as the second.

Step 22
Step 23
Step 24

The final sixth part is prepared in a different way. To begin with, the lower right edge must be folded and tucked into the other shape.

Step 25
Step 26

The last part is connected to the star in the same way as the previous ones. Notice the edge stays on top of the star.

Step 27

It must be inserted into the valve of the first part. The result is on the photo.

Step 28

Flip the star to see the final result. The six-pointed star is ready!

If you need a more stable figure, it is better to take thick paper or cardboard. However, the folding will require more effort. If you have double-sided paper, then before assembling the figure, lay it with the colored side down. Then, the star will turn out to be a single color. The master class is interesting for its features, but you will definitely like it just like the result.

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