This is not an easy craft. The model of the monkey’s face was designed by Robin Glynn. He created a similar version to the original animal. The monkey is very funny and beautiful. It will be a wonderful addition to the collection of origami animals.
Make a handicraft with us. Remember, the face of the monkey is not easy to create. However, if you follow the instructions – everything will work out. Do not forget that we are waiting for photos and comments.

Step 1

Place a square sheet of paper with the colored side up. Fold it along one diagonal, then spread it out.

Step 2

Make a fold on the other diagonal and betray the original position.

Step 3

Fold the bottom corner to the center line.

Step 4

Flip the design over.

Step 5

Fold the corners to the center line, then unfold.

Step 6

Make a fold on the right side as in the picture.

Step 7

Give the original position.

Step 8

Fold the corner in the opposite direction as shown in the pictures.

Step 9
Step 10

Fold one side of the resulting small square to the right.

Step 11

Repeat the previous steps on the other side of the shape.

Step 12

Turn the right and left corners.

Step 13
Step 14

Compare with the picture.

Step 15

Fold the top of the model, then straighten it out.

Step 16
Step 17

Turn first the left corner, then the right corner as shown in the picture.

Step 18
Step 19

Fold the top part down.

Step 20

Fold the left and right center corners up.

Step 21
Step 22

Make a slight shift of the left half inward and smooth.

Step 23

Repeat the action on the right half.

Step 24
Step 25

Fold the bottom part up, and press it well.

Step 26

Fold the bottom corner up, then spread it out.

Step 27
Step 28

Bend the model’s spout downward with a slight offset, then bend upward again.

Step 29
Step 30

Fold the top backward.

Step 31

See picture: view from the inside.

Step 32

Fold the corner of the lower lip inward.

Step 33
Step 34
Step 35

Make a spout by bending the corner of the triangle.

Step 36
Step 37
Step 38

Create eyes.

Step 39

To do this, make diagonal folds as in the picture.

Step 40

Fold the eye triangles 3 times in half.

Step 41
Step 42
Step 43
Step 44

Turn the pupil triangle into a square.

Step 45
Step 46

Unfold the square with the colored side.

Step 47

This is the pupil.

Step 48

Make small folds back and spread out the monkey’s ears.

Step 49
Step 50
Step 51

Fold the bottom triangles back and the craft is ready.

Step 52

It wasn’t easy, but we did it together! I wonder if you made a funny monkey? Send photos and share your impressions of the work done.

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