Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create a funny Owl from paper. Some of the steps are not that easy, but the result will pleasantly surprise you, as this owl looks very cartoonish, plus you can draw it a face and work on the feathers. The difficulty level is medium, but the level of enjoyment is high. Make it a toy for your home theater, or create several birds in different colors, connect them with a string and you get a cool and unique garland.

Step 1

Start by folding the origami base bird.

Step 2

Fold the top corner to the bottom corner.

Step 3

Flip the paper over and repeat the same on the second side.

Step 4

You have an elongated rhombus. Fold the side corners inward and down toward the center line.

Step 5

Turn over and similarly fold in the two corners on this side.

Step 6

Open the figure slightly on the right side, take the corner between the layers of paper, and pull it up and to the side. You get a wing.

Step 7

Stretch the left side of the figure and iron it, flattening the “wing” on the surface of the table.

Step 8

Release the second wing on the left side in the same way.

Step 9

Bend the top corner down, give a small distance, and bend the tip upwards – you will get a Z-bend of the beak.

Step 10

Bend the top small triangle up, you start getting the face of your future owl figure.

Step 11

To form the head, bend the entire top part inward as shown in the photo.

Step 12

We are at the finish line! Bend the bottom corner inwards and, after a little bit, bend it outwards to make a tail.

Step 13

Flatten the head of the bird, accenting the “forehead” zone.

Step 14

Fold the wings inwards.

Step 15

The owl is ready! Use your imagination: draw its eyes, draw its feathers, and paint it in your favorite colors.

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