Remember the panda named Po, the kung-fu warrior from the famous cartoon? His figure can be made in the origami technique! It is very simple, and, contrary to expectations, does not require much effort. Thanks to the step-by-step scheme, even small children can cope with the creation of a paper panda figure.

Step 1

Take a square of origami paper or make a square of black one-sided paper. Place it in front of you with the colored side down.

Step 2

Make light folds along one and then the other diagonal of the square. Don’t smooth them out too much. You should end up with two intersecting fold lines.

Step 3

Now fold the top and bottom corners to the center of the figure so that the colored triangles are on top.

Step 4

Fold those corners back.

Step 5

Do the same with the right and left corners. There is no need to fold back.

Step 6

Turn the figure over with the colored side facing up.

Step 7

Draw a dotted line about 2 cm from the center fold.

Step 8

Fold the figure along the dotted line. You have kung fu panda ears!

Step 9

There is only a little bit left. Draw another dotted line at a distance of about 2 cm from the top of the corner.

Step 10

Fold the corner inwards along the dotted line.

Step 11

Now fold the bottom corner up to the fold line. This is the breast of the bear.

Step 12

Draw eyes and you have an origami Kung Fu Panda Po!

Beautiful black and white panda is ready! Decorate your desktop with it and it will keep you in a good mood.

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