Origami Paper Candies

You can recharge yourself with positive emotions and give a spark of joy and a smile to a loved one by making such a surprise. Detailed steps and photographs will help even a child cope with the task. To make this candy, you will need a small piece of paper, glue, and two pieces of thread. Paper can be white or colored or it can present packaging or paper for crafts.

The candy holds its shape without any filler, so you can put a note or a picture in it, or make a whole garland of small candies. A candy made from a large sheet of paper will become packaging for another gift. A happy smile that conveys positive emotions will highlight the mood of the giver and lead to pleasant excitement of the recipient. There are many options for decorating a surprise: an ornament of strokes and dots, flowers and letters, stripes and lines. The choice depends on imagination and creativity, and, of course, on the purpose of the gift.

Step 1

Select a square of paper of the required size to work with. From a square of paper 9 centimeters, as in the example, you will get a candy 7 centimeters long.

Step 2

Draw a line along the edge of the square required for gluing.

Step 3

The line width is about 1 centimeter. Bend it.

Step 4

Fold the resulting figure, with the edge already bent, in half, aligning the upper and lower edges.

Step 5

Fold the paper in half again, matching the top and bottom lines of the figure.

Step 6

Unfold the sheet of paper. You should end up with a square consisting of 5 parts: four identical and one narrow. Form a block; for this, all fold lines must be curved outward.

Step 7

Glue the paper along the line and fold it again into four layers.

Step 8
Step 9
Step 10

Bend the resulting narrow strip on both sides so that there is a small gap between the edges.

Step 11

Draw lines on the corners as shown in the example and cut with scissors.

Step 12
Step 13
Step 14

Unfold the figure, decorate one side or all sides of the wrapper, at your discretion, and straighten it to make it look like a cylinder.

Step 15
Step 16

Prepare two pieces of thread or ribbon.

Step 17

Tie the threads at the cut points on both sides. Threads or ribbons can be tied into bows, which will be an additional decoration, or you can simply cut them. The candy is ready!

A handmade surprise demonstrates care and attention. The effort invested makes the gift especially sweet, nice, and the most unique in the world. Give surprises for any reason or no reason and make everyday life a little more enjoyable!

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