Origami Pecking Chicken

Moving or making-sounds origami figures are loved by all children! Today we are going to share with you a step-by-step instructions of one of such toys. Pecking Chicken is a funny and sweet origami toy. After folding the origami chicken, you can make it move its head up and down, imitating the pecking process.

Step 1

Start with a square paper with sides of 15 cm. Fold the paper in half along the vertical diagonal axis. Crumple it well and unfold it.

Step 2

Fold both sides so that they correspond to the center fold.

Step 3

Flip the paper over. Fold both sides toward the center, starting at the top.

Step 4

You should get a diamond-shaped figure with the bottom triangular part longer than the top one.

Step 5

Place the Diamond horizontally and turn the figure over.

Step 6

Flip the paper over and turn it over.

Step 7

Along the dotted lines on the ends of the Diamond, bend both triangular ends towards the center.

Step 8

You should get the same figure as in the photo.

Step 9

Fold as indicated below.

Step 10

Fold the left side, like you are flipping a page of the book, and you should get the same result as in the picture.

Step 11

Make a mountain-shaped fold and fold the paper in half.

Step 12

Make a diagonal fold as indicated below. Fold well and unfold.

Step 13

Slightly open up the resulting shape, bringing in some air in your figure.

Step 14

Now move the “head” or “beak” up and to the left.

Step 15

Start forming your chicken, placing it vertically on the surface of the table.

Step 16

Lift the beak and fold the paper to complete the origami.

Step 17

Spread the edges of your bird to make it look more realistic.

Step 18

Your origami of a pecking chicken is complete.

Draw toy eyes, color the beak, and the chicken will look just like the real thing!

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