In origami, it is very common to fold flowers using a combination of petals. It is very easy to make them, but beginners often face difficulties. This is why we have made this master class on how to perform this combination. Let’s conduct it on two types of paper – on a soft napkin and with a thicker sheet.

Step 1

From a napkin fold a figure, as in the photo. It is made according to the method of folding a square base. We will make the same from a regular sheet of square shape. For the fold, it will be necessary to make folds in all directions – on two diagonals, vertically and horizontally. Then fold the sheet with the inner tab.

Step 2

Fold the sides of the top right square to the center, forming a triangular pattern, as shown in the photo. It already looks like a petal.

Step 3

Fold the left side to the center line. Repeat the action on the right side.

Step 4

Open both corners.

Step 5

Pull the petal up and start opening it in the opposite direction. The third fold should join at the folds with the previous two. These are clearly visible.

Step 6

Once again, run your finger over all the joints.

Step 7

After that, you can fold the sides again and join them in the center.
The “petal” fold is ready.

If you add the same figure on all four sides, you get a flower!

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