Every origami lover can have their own collection of animals, wild and domestic. If you do not have one yet, then you can start creating it with such a wonderful piggy. The proposed figure assembly instructions contain many steps and folds that require accuracy and precision. The result is very interesting and realistic.

The finished figure can be seen with a hooked tail, drooping ears, a snout, and short legs with small hooves. The silhouette of the animal is characterized by smooth lines. The figure stands confidently on the surface without additional support. The craft is made from two identical-sized sheets of paper. The parts are connected using glue.

Step 1

For the front part of the pig figure, mark the middle on a square sheet of paper, aligning the opposite sides.

Step 2

Fold the sides towards the middle.

Step 3

Mark the center line, matching the opposite short sides.

Step 4

Bend the edge of the shape towards the center.

Step 5

Form an angle.

Step 6

Fold the triangles in, changing the direction of the folds.

Step 7

Bend the free lower corners of the folds to the sides along the middle line.

Step 8

Fold the other side at an angle.

Step 9

Tuck the folds inside. Point the corners up.

Step 10

Fold part of the shape in half lengthwise. At the junction, form a perpendicular fold.

Step 11

Bend parts of the resulting fold along the sides of a long rectangle with a slope.

Step 12

Bend the right corner of the shape inward.

Step 13

Bend part of the folded fold back.

Step 14

Bend the corner inward.

Step 15

Fold under the edges of the shape at the bottom of the pig’s nose.

Step 16

Fold under the bottom edge of the head on both sides.

Step 17

Bend the triangles at the top of the head, pointing them forward. Shape the ears.

Step 18

Form legs from the bottom of the figure. Make an accordion fold on both sides.

Step 19

Fold the edge of the back side of the legs inward.

Step 20

Fold the edge of the front side of the legs.

Step 21

Round the outline of the head. Fold the corners inside the folds on both sides.

Step 22

Fold the edge of the middle of the body base inward. The front assembly is complete.

Step 23

For the back of the pig figure, fold a sheet of paper in half lengthwise and crosswise.

Step 24

Fold the small square diagonally.

Step 25

Expand the figure. Fold a double triangle along the marked folds.

Step 26

Bend the triangle in half.

Step 27

Straighten out all the folds. Bend the outlined lines forming a square into a mountain around the perimeter.

Step 28

Press the corners of the resulting square to create an internal fold.

Step 29

Align the three edges of the figure with each other. Bend the corner of the fourth part along a vertical line. Tuck the triangle inside.

Step 30

Bend the right corner towards you. Repeat on the other side.

Step 31

Straighten the inner fold outward.

Step 32

Pull the outer corners of the figure so that the inner folds straighten out.

Step 33

Fold the left corner in half.

Step 34

Perform a complex combination of folds as in the example.

Step 35

Bend the protruding corner towards you.

Step 36

Squeeze part of the bent corner, pointing it to the left side, while simultaneously folding the shape in half.

Step 37

Fold the triangular folds on the left side of the figure in half, forming a tail.

Step 38

Bend the bottom corner of the figure, aligning it horizontally.

Step 39

Bend the fold line back with a slight indent. Repeat on the other side.

Step 40

Fold the edge of the back of the legs inward.

Step 41

Fold the edge of the front of the legs.

Step 42

Fold the top edge of the back part of the body.

Step 43

Fold the side edge of the back part.

Step 44

Twist the tail into a spiral. The rear assembly is complete.

Step 45

Connect the two parts of the body with glue. The pig figure is ready! All you have to do is show your imagination and add details.

The skin of pigs can be not only pink, but also black, white, and spotted. This may affect the choice of paper for making crafts.

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