Origami Pinwheel Base

A simple origami “Pinwheel” is both the basis for other crafts and an independent model. You will definitely learn how to assemble it if you follow our instructions. All you need is paper and a little time. Experiment with different materials and colors – the result will be interesting and beautiful in any case.

Step 1

Cut out a square 15×15 cm in size from paper (You can do 12×12, 20×20 cm, etc.).

Step 2

Place it face down on the table.

Step 3

First, you need to make a few assisting folds. Fold the square diagonally on one side and the other.

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Then, fold it in half horizontally and vertically.

Step 7
Step 8

Unfold the paper and place it face down.

Step 9

Fold the left and right sides of the square in half towards the center.

Step 10
Step 11

Fold the top and bottom of the resulting rectangle in half towards the center.

Step 12
Step 13

Next, work with the top of the figure

Step 14

Open the paper and press from above towards you in the direction of the center of the figure.

Step 15
Step 16
Step 17

As a result, you get a trapezoidal “pocket”.

Step 18

Repeat steps 13-17 for the other part of the shape.

Step 19
Step 20
Step 21

Make 2 assisting folds: fold the figure in half diagonally, on one side and the other.

Step 22
Step 23
Step 24
Step 25

It remains to complete the last 2 folds. Bend to the side first the upper right corner, then the lower left.

Step 26

You can bend the top left corner to the side, then the bottom right corner. Then, the spinner will be turned in the other direction.

Step 27

Crease all the folds.

Step 28

The pinwheel is ready.

Only at the last assembly steps it becomes clear what kind of figure will turn out. You can surprise friends or classmates by showing them a small master class. If you make a base of bright paper with a print or glitter, then it will be an excellent decoration for the holiday – Birthday, New Year, and themed children’s parties. You can also stick a spinner on a stick and use it as a prop for a fun photo shoot.

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