A rat from the famous cartoon “Ratatouille” is an interesting character that can easily settle in your house. The proposed master class is simple, so even a child can easily figure it out. The color of the rat can be changed as desired, this will even make it more interesting. If you are ready to complete the design, follow the steps offered for your convenience.

Step 1

Take a sheet of paper (15×15 cm).

Step 2

Arrange the sheet like a diamond.

Step 3

Fold the shape in a diagonal direction.

Step 4

Open the sheet of paper again.

Step 5

Fold the piece of paper in the other diagonal direction.

Step 6

Place the shape in front of you with the fold up and bend the right corner to the left, without bringing the new fold to the central fold by about 2 cm.

Step 7

Bend the folded corner back along the center fold line.

Step 8

Look at the dotted line on the figure.

Step 9

Fold along the indicated line.

Step 10

The finished rat now only needs to have its nose, eyes, and whiskers drawn.

Do you want to play with this cutie? A charming rat can also have eyelashes and a bow added, and now it has already turned into a girl. If you also make rat babies, you would get a real family! This is an excellent master class for working with children. With its help, you will playfully spend leisure time while also benefitting the child’s development.

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